Koa golem formation

King of Avalon - Kingdom Threat Event

You can get these in 'raw' form, and as items. At the top of your screen on the Kingdom map and Stronghold view you can see how much of these 'raw' resources you currently have in your Storehouse. These resources can be stolen when you get pillaged by enemy players though. Resources under a certain limit might be safe in your storehouse, so it's a good idea to upgrade it as soon as possible. You can click on the 'Info' button of your storehouse to see how much is protected. The left number is the base protection limit, the green number on the right is the bonus amount from heroes and such.

The total is what's kept safe should you be raided. Don't forget that you can donate to Alliance Tech if you've run out of things to spend on. Resources also come in the form of items. As items currently can't be stolen, this is a much safer way of saving up resources for big upgrades. While you can use these items from your regular items interface: It's much easier though to just click on the resource type at the top of your screen to open up the resources interface, as you can easily see how much you have here, and use the different types:.

Since these resource items can't be stolen, try to only use them for big expenses, or when you really need a little bit extra for something.

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Otherwise it's imho often better to just wait a little while you gather some more, or use your wishes from your wishing well. It might take a bit longer, but at least you don't need to worry as much about losing resources when being attacked. Since you have less resources showing in Scout reports, it should hopefully also make you a much less appealing target. If you click on the building at your Parade Ground, at the bottom left of your Stronghold view where your troops reside, you'll get an overview of all your troops and the ability to save Troop Formations with an info block that explains that your troops won't die when you run out of food: Actually, your resources will never drop below the Storehouse limits, unless you spend them yourselves, and even then it's not a big deal if you hit 0.

Your Upkeep cost will only apply on the resources you keep above the storehouse limits. Spread across the King of Avalon kingdom map are Barbarian Camps of various levels. Successfully defeating the barbarian captains of these camps through a rally of minimum 2, maximum 6 alliance members, will award you with resource items, barbarian chests, bonus barbarian chests if you hold a barbarian chest keyand possibly a special event item such as tainted daggers when an applicable event is currently running.

koa golem formation

Each camp is indicated by a level, and will contain barbarian captains of a range of levels near that. The higher the level of the captain, the tougher the fight, but also the better the rewards. From what I could find out by looking at camps on the map, these are the camp levels and their possibly barbarian leader levels:. Each barbarian captain's level determines the level of the barbarian chest, and bonus barbarian chest he guards.

The higher the level of the chest, the better the rewards. The levels of the chests are tiered as follows:. To defeat a barbarian camp captain, you need to rally it. This will cost 20 stamina, and you will need to have at least one more member in your alliance to join you in your rally. While war rallies can be expanded by researching more rally slots through alliance tech donations, barbarian camp rallies are limited to just 6 slots, regardless of alliance research.

If you fail to defeat the captain, your stamina points will be refunded as soon as your troops return home. While it is tempting to just fill up an existing rally, it might be wiser to start a second one to maximise the rewards, as each barbarian camp rally has a fixed amount of resources to be divided between all rally members. For a level 30 captain, this is k food or wood. So, if a rally already has enough power to defeat the barbarian captain, please consider starting another rally against a different captain.

If your rally doesn't get enough participants, you can always consider disbanding it and joining the other rally. Sometimes members will want to try to 'solo' a barb for this reason, and will try to take it on with just their farm account s.

Please follow this request, and don't join it anyway, or at least ask before joining. It's not meant by them as a-social, or greedy, but rather as a way for everyone to maximise their rewards. Try to host your own, and if you don't get enough participants, just ask if you can join theirs anyway.

If you run a solo barb, or a barb with specific restrictions such as infantry- or siege-onlyplease post this request in the alliance chat directly before or after the rally is started.

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If you plan on running multiple solo barbs, it'd be wise to click on your message to copy it, so you can easily repeat it after every other rally, so others don't have to scroll up to your first rally. Regardless, please check the alliance chat before joining any rally.To be filled in at a later date.

This calculator can be used to configure your PvP and PvE troop formations. Click to Copy design for ease of use. Information about attacking and defending against players in different scenarios. You can really plan out how you want to fill your tree, save multiple sets for various purposes, and run "what if" scenarios without dealing with inputting thousands of points into the game itself a tedious process at best!

Health is the most difficult to figure out because there are buffs applied during normal PvP and league. From art direction, game mechanics and the very sensitive topic of monetization we share For the troop training calculator you can use as target an amount of troops, Event points, available speed ups or required power increase. There is certainly going to be PvP and teamplay battle elements to the game, but also adventure and social as well.

It will learn from your individual playing style: killing monsters and enemy troops will gain it Assault Power; gathering resources and defending against enemy troops will gain it Guardian Power. So if you are kicked out of the mines you can revenge the person and tweak your formation to find what works best. Koa could make like an in-game calculator which adds up how much food you have in your items etc. The data you will see in the tables below has been prepared according to level 40 buildings.

Proudly powered by WordPress Theme: refur by Crocoblock. This page focuses primarily on HP, but below that there is information and a calculator for attack and recovery as well.

If you are missing any troops in this calculator, check out the Troop Overview.

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King of Avalon buildings can be divided into four basic categories: resource, troop, alliance, and others. Captain Cowboy 6, views.

koa golem formation

So I still have room for more troops. KoA YT contest. Revenge Gamer 39, views. Log in to Reply. Try all Kansas. More to come in the following weeks. Many desire the power and magic of Find a campground in your area!

Popular Troop Calculator television programs.

[KoA][NF]Battling the Golem and tweaking troop formation for King of Avalon’s Video Event

Allows players to easily calculate the resources they have stored in their inventory and alliance storehouse. The march of formation of troops is the most important of the game and should be the first protect in case of being attacked. Intuitive… Troop performs the same tasks as any group of scouts. Unimpeded progress.Hi, I just came across your site. It seems to be informative with what you have put up so far.

You mentioned that there was a spreadsheet for troop formation but I did not see a link for it. Is it available? I will double check and think about a different structure for finding any downloads in the future. Thanks for the comment. Did you make this spreadsheet?

koa golem formation

Great job on the calculator! Fast easy to replace units. The theory was that something must die and that theory is proven to be false at this point. We have a new calculator that updates this one. Is this just for attacking other castles or is it a general guide for all events… Werewolf included?

Please help thank you. And thanks for all of your efforts. Your info is extremely helpful. You have to be logged in and you see the new article on front page or menue button at top. It will no logner say page not found if you are logged into the system.

Hi Donny, great page and youtube channel. Been using the old excel version but switching to new spinebreaker. But its so rare its not something I can test. I had to build a lot higher number of lower tiers to use this, hope it works, 1st ke today. What type of troops have an advantage over other troops??

As in does infantry beat artillery, artillery beat calvary and so on? Does anyone know this? There subclasses that rotate but sometimes the tiers are next to each other I will address this in the new beta calculator. Its addressed in the math but war talents amplify the effects and that needs to be a factor.

Thank you kindly for providing this information, i am very interested to see how your suggestions stack up against other sites i have tried.

Kind regards. When I entered all the number, I discovered that there were onlytroops. I have been playing for a year now, I have lost lots of troops at all levels. I should tell them about your calculators because they clearly dont use any.

First, thx for all the information what you are giving us. Nice and great Man. But one thing. With the dieing order at Infantrie you are a little bit wrong.King of Avalon Hack king of avalon troop formation guide.

Apparently the rewards cap out at x Lord EXP. Troops Formations king of Avalon : Dragon Warfare. Learn about troops Formations. Welcome to king of Avalon global unofficial tutorials and screencast. Here is the list of few informative videos. Please click the link to be redirected. How to get free gifts codes! King Of Avalon! Gift Chest KingofAvalon. How to decrease troops training speed?

How to bind your account? Valor Gem! Lvl 5. Raw Valor Gems Fragments. Beginners King of Avalon. Loading King of Avalon. Hello my Lord, Glad to hear that you enjoy playing our game! Hello my Lord, We appreciate you taking the time to write in and share your thoughts with us.

We have been working hard to actively making game videos. We take this matter seriously and will continue to help you in the game. Thanks in advance for your support and subscription.! My review, At first I was likesame old samebut after playing for awhile this is actually a very good and a well balanced game not in sense of spending.

I liked it so much I was dreaming of a desktop version, that would be awesome, thanks, great game. Thanks for reading and watching our content.King of Avalon was extended with the Kingdom Threat event in update 3. This guide explains how the event works. Focus on best troop configuration to do most damage. Watch the video on www. All players in the kingdom should work together to kill the golem. Killing the Golem Each time you hit the golem, you do a certain amount of damage and based on this damage you get damage rewards.

At the end of the 24h period it is determined whether enough damage was done to kill the Golem and everyone will be updated by e-mail. The attacks are done by solo attack not rallyand there is a maximum of 10 hits for each player. From the Event Center you can start an attack on the Golem, and here you can also find the information about your position in the damage ranking. Strategy for doing Most Damage I have not done a lot of testing on this, so if others can share thoughts and experience it is much appreciated.

I have used a mix of all available tiers and troop types. I do only not use the Towers and Rams Siege troops do use the Distance Siegebecause they are very slow and incremental damage is low. I have mostly Bowmen and Cavalry, roughly the same, and more of the higher tiers. I have not boosted my march size, but understand the higher the march size the more damage, Also understand the use of Attack boosts can help. I have noticed these have a positive effect, and understand some players reassign all their assault points to these Dragon Skills before participating in the Kingdom Threat Event.

I currently do roughly k damage per hit which ranks me normally just outside top I plan to do some experiments to maximize this, which I haven't done so far. Each attack will get you damage rewards.

This can go up to x Lord EXP per hit. If the monster is defeated you get an extra reward of 5 Noble Keys. If the monster is defeated there will be a special auction in the Auction House.

The proceedings of this auction will be distributed amongst the players who have done most damage. It is not clear which rank you need to achieve to get gold.

Normally I get few hundreds of gold. Conclusion It is a nice extra event and to some extend stimulates some collaboration between players in the kingdom. Lord EXP rewards are quite high.

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Pve troop calculator koa

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King of Avalon (KOA) - Best Golem March Formation - Strategy Guide Gameplay - Update 6.0 - Episode 4

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