Dos chavez tequila

Though most tequilas are 80 proof, many distillers will distill to proof and then dilute it with water to reduce the harshness of its alcohol.

Ultra Premium tequila Ley. This tequila is the most expensive tequila in the world. One half of the bottle is pure platinum while the other is pure white gold.

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The two halves are held together by a solid platinum emblem. S till have money left? But for others who really love to taste different tequila, there is no doubt that they should try this. Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio is one of the most expensive tequilas in the world that most tequila lovers want to have a sip of this great tequila. Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio touted is the pinnacle of the art distillery.

Drinks are limited and only comes in containers and aged a minimum of one year before then get packed into just 2, bottles.

dos chavez tequila

Of these 2, bottles, most of the bottles are directly exported to Japan. Many tequila drinkers doubtlessly know distiller Jose Cuervo by his first name, but very few gentlemen know senor Cuervo well enough to appreciate his Coleccion, a bottle that stands at No.

Production of the Collection is a slow and meticulous process, every stage of which — from the planting of the agaves to their selection and distillation — is overseen by senor Yerenas himself.

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It might surprise you to learn that most expensive tequila in the world is not Mexican but Texan. Dos Lunas distillery owner Richard C. There is no doubt that you will buy one of those if you really love tequilas. Alonso Gonzalez Jr. Only bottles made for the world, each signed and numbered by the artist.

Among the finest tequilas available, it undergoes careful aging for at least five years in the finest oak barrels and under the strict scrutiny that only the Casa San Matias distillers give to their products. In order to design a bottle worthy of presenting a truly distinguished tequila, the company hired a renowned artist, Sergio Bustamante, whose work has been acclaimed in Mexico and around the world. Rey Sol is meant to be enjoyed by itself and with nothing else. Near an inactive volcano in the Tequila Valley lies the agave fields where Tequila Partida sources the agave for its award-winning tequila.

From afar, the rolling hills of agave fields resemble vineyards in the south of France or the Sonoma Valley. The rich, red soil creates the perfect terroir for maturing the agave plant; the expert Jimadors determine when the agave is ready for harvest. Distilled and aged in the finest American oak barrels to perfection.

The Herradua Seleccion Suprema is very easy to recognize because of its creamy and amber-colored liquid. It is one of the most expensive tequilas in the world which was made of one hundred percent from Tequilana Weber Blue Agave. This most expensive tequilas in the world is also described as smooth in texture with a crisp flavor of dry wood, sweet cinnamon, rose lips and a touch of vanilla.

This most expensive tequilas in the world comes encased in white oak casks complete with silver agave leaves. It is one of the most expensive tequilas in the world which is most sought after in America due to its fresh, buttery, and citrus smooth finish.

The taste of this most expensive tequilas is sourced from the Mexican highlands that contain lingering volcanic ash. You will surely love this tequila because of its fresh, buttery, and citrus smooth feeling.The first Tequila was made in the 16th century and hails from the blue agave plant that is primarily farmed around the surrounding area of Tequila, which is located approximately 40 miles northwest of the city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

Only blue agave plants can be used for the production of this alcohol and no other form of the agave plant family.

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The drink is most often served in a shot form, served with salt and lime as a chaser, the most common serving form across the worldalthough it can be used in some mixed drinks as well. Like with most forms of alcohol, there are bottles of the alcohol that are more expensive than others.

Some people might describe Tequila as a strong, almost bitter taste for an alcohol beverage, however, Gran Patron has gone the extra mile to create one of the smoothest tasting Tequilas in the world. This Tequila has been triple-distilled and aged, removing its natural color to reveal a crisp, clear liquor for sipping.

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Not only is the liquor itself a beautiful example of one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world, but the bottle is exquisite as well.

Don Julio Gonzalez had a dream, and that was to farm each agave plant himself and tend to every detail about his plants so that he could create the finest Tequila.

Don Julio has created several types of Tequila, however, his Real Tequila is one of the most favored. Created inthe Casa Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila is a supreme Tequila that offers you a smooth finish after every sip.

The flavor stems from the way the agave plant is harvested, with the pina, or heart of the plant being stripped from the leaves. The Tequila has not only won the hearts of many Tequila enthusiasts and accolades around the world as being one of the best, but it has actually won awards, including the Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

You will totally be inspired by just the bottle alone. Simply magnificent and enchanting, Rey Sol Anejo has found a way to bottle sunshine. So rare and so supreme, only units of this Tequila were made, 50 for the U. Only that any collector who wants to own something to really showcase, this is it. The Beckmann family owns the Coleccion brand, along with the Jose Cuervo brand, which is one of the most recognizable names in Tequila, however, this is their premium and it is named after the year that Tequila first was aged in oak casks.

This particular version aged for 10 years in French Limousin oak barrels, then bottled in artisan glass vessels that stand 17 inches tall and are decorated with karat Gold letters and gorgeous painted-on sun. This is one of the most exclusive Tequilas in the world. This is a very limited edition of this brand, being as exclusive as it is. The Tequila was processed and aged in Port Wine barrels that contain high levels of sugar, which gives the liquor added sweetness, making it a fine, sipping beverage.

The bottles are made in Italy. They are individually handcrafted and each a masterpiece, and a luxurious decanter that is donned with a beautiful crystal stopper. Here we go, the number one most expensive Tequila bottle, Ultra-Premium Ley. Once the distilling process has been done, this Tequila is aged for 6 years. The bottle makes this liquor really stand alone. It is two-pieced. What holds the pieces together is a platinum emblem. This beautiful artistic decanter is a real showpiece and conversation starter, and it is one that every collector should have in his collection.

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Clase Azul Tequila Review - National Tequila Day 2013!

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Chavez will forever be known as the "Greatest Fighter" to come out of Mexico. As time crafted a legendary boxer, so has it perfected a world-class tequila.

The sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.

dos chavez tequila

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dos chavez tequila

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Select a club. Pick it up. Add to list. Assembled Country Mexico. Component Country Imported.The label has come a long way since it launched in Mexican founder Arturo Lomeli admits his first tequila was low-cost, "terrible" and packaged with a tacky sombrero and mustache.

Lomeli decided to go back to school to get a master's degree in luxury marketing to elevate his brand. He quickly learned about the value of crafting a higher quality product in unique packaging. Clase Azul tequilas are now sold in hand-sculpted, hand-painted ceramic decanters that are shaped like massive restaurant-style pepper grinders.

It was simply intended to cause a stir on the tequila scene, rather than become an enduring product. Lomeli considers himself lucky that he launched his luxury spirits as Americans were getting a taste for premium tequila.

A collection of 15 of these luxury bottles were created to celebrate Clase Azul's 15th anniversary.

The Top 5 Most Expensive Tequilas in the World – 2018 List

Clase Azul spirits are made in Mexicobut Lomeli has no plans to market the product to his compatriots -- although he does sell a few bottles to wealthy U. Inthe company soldbottles of Clase Azul, with U. Clase Azul founder Arturo Lomeli admits his first tequila was 'terrible. The Motley Fool Paid Partner. CNNMoney Sponsors. SmartAsset Paid Partner. These are your 3 financial advisors near you This site finds and compares 3 financial advisors in your area Check this off your list before retirement: talk to an advisor Answer these questions to find the right financial advisor for you Find CFPs in your area in 5 minutes.

NextAdvisor Paid Partner.For some, she is a fashion icon, wearing exclusively cherry red on almost any given occasion, but for all, she is the quintessential cocktail enthusiast. Any cocktail enthusiast knows where to go and how fast to get there.

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For Camila Vargas, it is a hidden gem in Oaxaca, Mexico. Although Teo is somewhat hesitant at first to associate himself with the notorious drug lord, he eventually reaches an agreement with Camila -- over a drink, of course.

Or four. Drug lord by day, club owner by night, Camila Vargas is the jack-of-all-trades. While, yes, it is most certainly a front, this club is a shining beacon of hope for the weary and thirsty. For Camila, it is a place of celebration during the best of times, and a place of reconstruction during the worst of times. When she triumphs, she drinks to her success. We must applaud Camila for her taste. Expensive taste.

The tequila that costs $30,000 a bottle

Camila can walk into any establishment, be it a five-star restaurant or a dive bar, and with the utmost certainty, relay her drink of choice. Need we say more? She is trying to secure her drug empire, after all.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that cocktail hour begins promptly at 9 a. What more can we expect from the one and only Camila Vargas in the future?

dos chavez tequila

Skip to main content. These are the five reasons why: 1. She has her go-to spot for tequila. She recognizes the need for alcohol at business meetings. She gives herself a two-drink minimum at the nightclub She takes pride in the fact that she only drinks top-shelf. Queen of the South at Hispanicize Actor Jon Ecker awaits the arrival of the press at Hispanicize Tequila is one of the most popular spirits in bars and clubs right now.

A bottle of Don Julio Real is mass produced with a faux silver leaf overlaid on the sides. Despite the relatively low price per bottle, it is a more exclusive spirit, with only 1, bottles produced a year. Each one is hand numbered by artist Alonso Gonzalez jr. This one is high on the ultra-premium list. Each bottle is hand blown artisanal glass, leaving you with a great souvenir from this spirit. The individual aging barrels are handcrafted in Spain with sherry oak casks.

Each bottle is a hand blown glass baccarat decanter, stopped with crystal. Each bottle is then placed in an ebonized wooden box, locked with sterling silver.

This is probably the only tequila in the world that takes about 20 years to make, making it all the more refined. Yes, you read that right. The lower end for this brand is a hand crafted platinum and white gold bottle. The bottle is actually two pieces held in place by the solid platinum logo in the center. Not much has been said about the actual tequila inside, leading me to believe this one may be more of a shelf piece than a premium drink. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Tequilas in the World

Gazette Review. Share on Facebook. Tequila shot, salt and lime. Do your homework before you try and report. Most Read. Apr 16, The PlayStation 4 has a nice little feature that allows us to go back and check out recorded gameplay.

The feature is used by Connect With Gazette.Tequila is one of the most popular drinks in the world. This isn't surprising, considering a margarita pairs perfectly with a sunny day by the pool. The liquor can get a little pricey, too, depending on the quality. Here are some of the most expensive bottles of tequila, according to the Gazette Review:.

The premium liquor used to be exclusively sold in Mexico, but is now mass-produced and available at most liquor stores. Only 1, bottles are produced each year. It's a blend of threetequilas, which are aged for three, four and five years. Get it? See Gallery. This tequila goes through a super-special distillation process making it truly one of a kind.

Plus, the bottles are hand blown from artisanal glass, so even after you finish its contents, nobody will think twice if you put it up on display. It is the only commercial tequila that is aged for 10 years. Each bottle comes along with a special, ebonized wooden box locked with sterling silver. The "lower end" of this brand comes in a hand crafted platinum and white gold bottle. The higher end is similar, but with more diamonds.

There isn't much word about the contents of the bottle, but you would have to assume it's pretty good. Samuel Adams Budweiser Redd's Apple Ale 9. Bud Light 9. Heineken 8. Stella Artois 7. Dos Equis 7.

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